What is this ?

This is an app that identifies if a plate of food is either Jollof Rice or not from a picture.

Right now it's only able to identify jollof rice and due to the amount of data used in training may not be able to identify some edge cases, but you are welcome to push it to it's limits 😊.

You can help get it better by uploading pictures of Jollof Rice here

How does it work ?

It makes use of deep learning - which is a machine learning technique, to process an image and identify the properties of that image, if there's jollof rice in that image.

For a breakdown of how it works, read the article

Why did you do this ?

Inspired by the TV Series - Silicon Valley, where they built a similar app but for hotdogs, called "NotHotDog".
I thought it would be cool to do something native to us here in Nigeria, with a local food. So I came up with "Is This Jollof"

Show me the code

The code for both this web app and the ml model is on GitHub

Can we talk ?

You can reach me on Twitter or Email

With ❤️ from Chidindu.